Some of you have heard the rumors, or maybe you’ve seen the promos.  It’s true.  I’m starring in a reality show.

   I know what you’re thinking.  “Princess, you’re a luxury brand.  Why dilute it by going reality?”  Well let me tell you something, keeping this fur conditioned and well-nourished isn’t cheap.  Did you know that a kitty Brazilian blowout cost more than one for a human?  I know, it’s lunacy.  Like they have the right to charge an extra hundred bucks just because I might want to scratch my stylist a few times.  I swear, sometimes it’s utter torture being this beautiful.  But anyway, it’s awfully hard to keep up my lifestyle.  My human Jeanine is a graphic designer.  You do the math.

     I can promise you that “Princess the Cat” the series will be non-stop entertainment.  It’s full of emotion, drama, and sassy comebacks (all mine).  And it deals with the very real problem that many cats face every day: what to do when your human drags home a wholly unsuitable boyfriend.  Due to a gag order in my contract, I can’t reveal any spoilers, but I can say that I am currently doing everything in my power to remove him.   You’ll have to tune in to see what happens.

Princess the Cat- the Trailer