Every so often, a subject makes my blood boil so much that I rouse myself from my eighth nap of the day and tend to my blog.  Today, that subject is summer.

Last week was the worst week of my life.  I was happy because Jeanine was going on vacation and leaving me to my own devices for four days, but imagine my dismay when I woke up to find she had left the air conditioning off.  Of course, being the brilliant and resourceful cat I am, I know how to turn on an A/C unit, but she doesn’t know that.  To think that she would willingly leave me in a hot apartment for days!  I am an indoor cat.  I should not be subjected to the vagaries of the seasons like some low class outdoor cat!  Does she think I can just hop in a lake like this less fortunate feline?

Of course not!  I look terrible when wet!  How am I supposed to keep up my luxurious, snowy coat if I’m sweating?  But humans are just like, “Oh, cats can survive it.  Look at lions.  They have all that fur and they live in Africa.”  Well why don’t you try surviving it, humans?  Cats around the world, I call on you to make a stand.  Tonight, when your humans are asleep, turn off the air conditioning in their bedrooms and close the door. See how they like it!  Or do something equally drastic to get their attention…